We service the upstream and downstream oil sectors, power generation and alternative energy, chemical manufacturing, waste management, and water services.  Our base in industrial engineering and design may be right for your industry too.  EPI has the ability to provide leadership and engineering regardless of the organizational challenges or project scope.  Our leaders know how to optimize team performance and set objectives to achieve project milestones.

We have a specific service model for projects with a total-installed-cost of less than a half-million dollars.

Brochures – EPI small projects solutions

Some examples of our services includes:

  • Project feasibility studies
  • Front-end engineering and design
  • Design basis
  • Process optimization
  • Equipment selection and design
  • Pressure vessel  and heat exchanger design
  • Stress analysis
  • Controls systems design and optimization
  • Plant maintenance and troubleshooting
  • On-site engineering
  • Energy modelling
  • AIRR / payback analysis/ Capital Assessment

We take pride in our safety-focus and ingenuity in design.  This results in a lean approach that works within our client’s budget without sacrificing functionality or quality.

Contact us to have a representative evaluate your needs and determine how EPI Energy Services can help you achieve your objectives.

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